Empowering The Immune System to Fight Cancer

VacciZone develops a first-in-class novel antigen delivery platform technology to significantly enhance the efficacy of current immunotherapies with minimum or no overlapping toxicities. The carrier is a macro-molecule called ASC-Speck (ASC) that plays a critical role in immune response generation and progression. By using the ASC protein as the carrier platform of the antigen, we believe we significantly improve the immunogenicity of the antigen.  The ASC specks persist in mice for two weeks after a single injection.  ASC specks serve as efficient and stable delivery vehicles as well as adjuvant structures.  Using only two administrations of low dose ASC carrying the ovalbumin (OVA) antigen, we were able to eradicate OVA-expressing thymoma tumors in 70% of mice (n=5/7), while significantly suppressing the tumor growth in the remaining 30% (2/7).  VacciZone’s unique technology is protected by issued patents in the USA, Europe, China, Japan, and Turkey.