Co-founder, CTO
& Chair of the Board
Prof. Nesrin Özören


Co-founder & CEO
İbrahim Gökçe Yayla, PhD


  • Ph.D. from UPENN, Philadelphia
  • Professor of Molecular Biology
    & Genetics, Bosphorus University
  • Founder & President of Molecular Biology
    Association of Turkey
  • Multiple awards and recognitions
  • Multiple patents
  • More than 30 papers
  • Ph.D. from University of California
  • Co-founder of
    • ACT/ Innocomm Wireless
    • DevaCell
    • Turcon
  • Multiple Exits > 140M$
  • Up to 40x return to investors
  • 6 patents issued, 9 publications


Seed team is composed of Prof. Nesrin Özören from Bosphorus University (Ph.D. in molecular biology from UPENN) and Dr. Ibrahim Yayla (Ph.D. from UCSD), an entrepreneur with a track record. Prof. Özören is the inventor of the ASC speck delivery technology, has won multiple awards and grants and is the current president of the Turkish Molecular Biology Association.  Prof. Özören has secured multiple project and grant money during her experience as a leader of an independent laboratory for the last 15 years.  Dr. Yayla was the co-founder and VP of Engineering of innoComm Wireless (sold to National Semiconductor for 140MUSD in 2000) and co-founder and CEO of DevaCell, a pre-clinical stage oncolytic virus delivery company that raised over 2MUSD in angel financing. VacciZone is currently seeking 750,000USD to expand its pre-clinical studies and reach the IND stage in 18 months. Our clinical trial strategy involves testing our technology in combination with anti-PD-1 as early as possible, in Melanoma and Head&Neck Cancers. In line with our objectives, our primary aim is to meet early-stage biotech investors in Bio-Expo to raise our seed finance. Our secondary objective is to meet executives in large pharma developing immunotherapies to initiate talks of strategic partnerships.